Vladimir Putin warns new intercontinental ballistic missile will make enemies ‘think twice’ before threatening Russia

Wearing a grey tracksuit with a sleeve rolled to his shoulder, 71-year-old Vladimir Lignov shuffles down the corridor of a refugee centre in Ukraine, revealing the remains of a severed limb he says he can still feel.

“It was on the 21st of March, I went out to smoke. Then a shell hit. I lost my arm,” he told AFP, recalling the strike on his home in Avdiivka, an industrial hub in east Ukraine.

Medical staff at the Myrnorad hospital, near ongoing fighting, have told the elderly man to return for treatment in a week.

While staff in the Dnipro maternity hospital, which hastily opened up to accommodate people fleeing Moscow’s forces, advised him to return in three days. 

“I don’t understand what’s going on. Maybe it’s better if I just go to the graveyard. I don’t want to go on living,” Mr Lignov said.