The 10 capsule wardrobe pieces that will see you through windy weather

Brace yourselves for some wet and windy weather for the rest of this month – just as Storm Eunice passes over, Storm Franklin is set to arrive in the UK. Cue upgrading our wardrobes to feature all the necessary clothing to keep us cosy but also chic, during the less than pleasant weather.

Despite slightly longer days, it’s clear that we are still in the midst of winter, with stormy weather, temperatures dropping and a forecast of unpredictable showers meaning getting dressed in the morning still requires plenty of consideration if you’re going to stay warm yet stylish. 

Checking the weather forecast in the morning will ensure you’re prepared for the day ahead, and you can pack extras like gloves and hats so as not to get caught out.

But it’s time to think about how your winter wardrobe can work best for you. Here are the best pieces to buy right now that tick all the boxes…

Best products to buy in 2022

The stylish puffer or liner

Once seen as a merely practical coat, reserved for serious walkers only, the puffer has crept into fashion over the last few years and has become one of the most prominent outerwear styles. There are plenty of different shapes, colours and thicknesses available – this Arket one can be tightened at the waist to create a more defined silhouette – and if you are very attached to your trench coat or a looser wool coat, layer a padded liner underneath for extra warmth.