Missile strikes Kharkiv government building

Taiwan will join moves to block some Russian banks from the Swift international payments system, Su Tseng-chang, its prime minister, confirmed on Tuesday.

The premier said Taiwan was in lock-step with its democratic partners around the world on its sanctions decision, adding that the Government would “cooperate” on what Western countries have decided on Swift.

The move is largely symbolic as Taiwan’s trade with Russia is minimal, but Taipei has already said that chip companies in the influential national semiconductor industry are complying with export controls to Russia.

Wang Mei-hua, the economy minister, said that under the ministry’s controls if there is “no good reason” for chip exports to Russia then they won’t be permitted. Taiwan dominates the global supply of semiconductors that are vital for cars, electronics and household items.

Earlier on Tuesday, the foreign ministry announced it would be sending 27 tonnes of medical aid to Ukraine.

Democratic Taiwan has been vocally supportive of Ukraine’s autonomy since Russia invaded last week. The island of 23.5 million faces its own threat from neighbouring China, where the ruling Communist party lays claim to Taiwan as its own territory, even though it has never ruled there.