Kremlin pulls some troops back from border

There is still a British “presence” in Kyiv as it is “important that we are supporting British citizens” in Ukraine, the Foreign Secretary has said.

When asked if the British embassy has been moved from the Ukrainian capital, Liz Truss told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We have moved some staff to Lviv in the west of Ukraine. We still have staff in Kyiv.”

“We continue to review that. But we do think it is very important that we are supporting British citizens in Ukraine and we do have a presence in Kyiv, but, clearly, I’m constantly looking at our staff safety to make sure they are protected.”

On whether, in case of a Russian invasion, Britain will take some refugees in, Ms Truss said: “First of all, the point I would make is that we have asked British citizens to leave Ukraine while there are still commercial flight routes available, because if there was an invasion of Ukraine it’s going to be very difficult to leave Ukraine.”

“We are working on humanitarian assistance with other countries and with the international NGOs, but we can’t make any commitments about any refugees at this stage.”