Introducing Wonder of the Seas, the world’s newest cruise ship (and bigger than the Eiffel Tower)

Several words clearly never made it into Royal Caribbean International’s lexicon. Small is one, modest another. As the cruise line prepares to launch the world’s biggest ship, the superlatives are out in force. Bigger, bolder, unmatched. outstanding. But who can blame them given the vessel in question, Wonder of the Seas, is, well, wondrous, a floating pleasure dome with more places to eat, sleep and play than many a land-based resort.

It’s not the first time Royal Caribbean has amazed us with the world’s biggest ship – Wonder is the fifth in a series – but because the line likes to outdo itself, each is bigger than the last. Its immediate predecessor, Symphony of the Seas, is a mere 228,081 GT (gross tonnage) and can host up to 6,680 passengers. Wonder clocks in at 236,857 GT and up to 6,988 passengers. That’s several thousand more than many a UK village.

Ironically, given there are so many passengers, this isn’t a great choice for those hoping to make new friends. It’s so big that you rarely see the same people twice and anyway most folk are on for a fun holiday with friends or family and are not too bothered about going off the beaten track when the ship gets to port. If meeting people and discovering new destinations appeals, choose something smaller. There won’t be so many places to eat or things to do, but you’ll see more and won’t feel so anonymous.