Emmanuel Macron warns against ‘verbal escalation’ with Vladimir Putin after Joe Biden speech

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany has declined an invitation to a solidarity concert organised by the German president which was to feature performances only from Russian musicians.

Ambassador Andriy Melnyk tweeted early on Sunday that he would not attend the concert, as it featured “only Russian soloists, no Ukrainians”.

He added: “In the midst of Russia’s war against Ukrainian civilians [this is] an affront. Sorry I’m staying away!”

According to the Office of the Federal President, musicians from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Germany, among others, will play pieces by Ukrainian, Russian and Polish composers together.

However, the schedule shows that only Russian soloists are set to perform, alongside multiple performances by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra itself.

In a statement, the office said the concert was organised to “condemn the attack on Ukraine and send a signal of solidarity and the shared belief in the value of freedom and self determination”.