Death of King George VI and the dawn of a new monarch in real time

Seventy years ago today King George VI died and his daughter, Elizabeth, began her reign as Queen at the tender age of 25.

Elizabeth and Prince Philip had been relaxing at a game-viewing lodge in Kenya thousands of miles from home at the time of the King’s death, unaware that their lives had changed forever. 

After making the solemn trip home, Elizabeth took her first steps on British soil as Queen and found a nation in mourning. 

Her Royal Highness has gone on to become our longest-serving monarch and the first in history to reach the milestone of a Platinum Jubilee.

Back in 1952 live reporting did not exist, but now, seven decades later, we can revisit the day’s events as they unfolded in real time.

Read on to learn about how the day unfolded when Prince Elizabeth became Queen.