Royal Prince Philip, Battle Each Other of Edinburgh, passes away aged 99 825670622 173< div course= "part article-body-text" data-test=" article-body-text" > Buckingham Palace announces fatality of Duke of Edinburgh World pays tribute to Battle each other of Edinburgh- most current updates He will be provided imperial ceremonial funeral service according to his dreams Queen defined Royal prince Philip as her ‘toughness and also remain’ The Queen and also Royal Prince Philip via the ages Obituary: The Fight it out of Edinburgh 1921-2021The Battle each other of Edinburgh, the longest-serving accompaniment to a queen in British history, has passed away at the age of 99, Buckingham Palace has actually introduced. Prince Philip, whom the Queen referred to as her “strength and remain” throughout her record-breaking regime, passed away at Windsor Castle on Friday. The royal residence said in a statement: ” It is with deep sadness that Her Greatness The Queen announces the death of her precious husband, His Royal Highness The Royal Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. ” His Royal Highness died in harmony today at Windsor Castle.” The Royal Household join with people around the world in grieving his loss. The Battle each other was last seen in public on March 16 as he left the exclusive King Edward VII medical facility, where he had been recovering following heart surgical procedure at St Bartholomew’s Healthcare facility, a leading heart device. He had been confessed to the healthcare facility on Feb 16 for “remainder and also observation” after really feeling weak. However that stay was extended and the palace later exposed he was being dealt with for an infection. After 13 nights, he was moved to St Bartholomew’s for professional heart treatment. Royal assistants revealed that on March 3, he underwent “an effective procedure for a pre-existing heart condition”. He was thoroughly secured as he left the King Edward VII hospital in a wheelchair and was assisted into a cars and truck for the 27-mile journey back to Windsor Castle, where he was reunited with the Queen complying with 28 nights as an in-patient, his lengthiest ever healthcare facility stay. Previously, the Fight it out was last seen in public in July 2020, when, despite his innovative years, he quickly returned to imperial duties to hand over his duty as Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles. The Duke left strict isolation at Windsor Castle to be honoured by one of his earliest military ties after 67 years of service, accepting many thanks and also touching excellent wishes of “fair winds and complying with seas”. He was additionally pictured at Princess Beatrice’s wedding that month, and also photographed together with the Queen for his 99th birthday in June. Last November marked the launch of the last main photograph, when the Duke was visualized sitting together with the Queen at Windsor Castle as they appreciated a homemade card made by their terrific grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and also Prince Louis, in advance of their 73rd wedding celebration anniversary.< div class=" lazy-image article-body-image __ source "design =" padding-top:69.24 %;" data-js= "LazyImage "data-class =" lazy-image __ img ” data-src =”/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/18/ TELEMMGLPICT000244860086_1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqejMVNjZ2Bv6EA7I5e4mELy5twttbUiN55rbZOKJP4mY. jpeg?imwidth =480″ data-srcset =”/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/18/ TELEMMGLPICT000244860086_1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqejMVNjZ2Bv6EA7I5e4mELy5twttbUiN55rbZOKJP4mY. jpeg?imwidth= 350 350w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/18/ TELEMMGLPICT000244860086_1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqejMVNjZ2Bv6EA7I5e4mELy5twttbUiN55rbZOKJP4mY. jpeg?imwidth= 480 480w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/18/ TELEMMGLPICT000244860086_1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqejMVNjZ2Bv6EA7I5e4mELy5twttbUiN55rbZOKJP4mY. jpeg?imwidth =680 680w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/18/ TELEMMGLPICT000244860086_1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqejMVNjZ2Bv6EA7I5e4mELy5twttbUiN55rbZOKJP4mY. jpeg?imwidth =960 960w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/18/ TELEMMGLPICT000244860086_1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqejMVNjZ2Bv6EA7I5e4mELy5twttbUiN55rbZOKJP4mY. jpeg?imwidth =1280 1280w “data-sizes=”( min-width: 1280px )960px, ( min-width: 768px )680px,( min-width: 480px )480px, 100vw “data-alt=” Queen & Battle Each Other Of Edinburgh 73rd Wedding Event Anniversary Official Picture” >< img course=" responsive lazy-image __ img article-body-image __ resource "src="" alt =” Queen & Battle Each Other Of Edinburgh 73rd Wedding Event Anniversary Authorities Picture “> The official picture of the Queen and also Battle each other Of Edinburgh for their 73rd wedding anniversary. Credit scores: Chris Jackson/Getty Images. Since March 2020, the Fight it out had actually greatly lived in rigorous seclusion at Windsor, as a lockdown safety measure against Covid-19. It was a welcome positive side of the pandemic that allowed theBattle each other and Her Majesty to invest those lastfew months with each other, enjoying each various other’s company for more time than they would otherwise have handled. The Duke had been admitted to the King Edward VII medical facility in Marylebone, main London, on Feb 16 for a couple of days’ rest as well as monitoring after really feeling unhealthy. While it was not an emergency admission and also he walked in unaided, that keep was extended and also Buckingham Palace later exposed he was being dealt with for an infection. After 13 nights at the private health center, he was moved to St Bartholomew’s- a cardiac expert NHS centre in the darkness of St Paul’s Sanctuary. In public, he had actually appeared healthy given that Christmas Eve 2019, when he walked alone from King Edward VII’s adhering to a four-night keep for an unrevealed, pre-existing problem. Prince Philip > > obit/phil-gallery/queenphil-gallery/ gaffes Prince Philip- in photos The Queen and Prince Philip through the ages Funeral information A royal ritualistic funeral with full militaryhonours had been anticipated to happen in 10 days’ time, although coronavirus constraints will certainly now alter a few of those arrangements. No even more information have yet been launched concerning the funeral service, codenamed Operation Forth Bridge by the Royal Family, as the last word about the nature of the event rests with the Queen. Palace insiders have claimed the Duke specified defined wanted a” low keySecret funeral at St George’s ChapelChurch Windsor Castle, where he will also likewise interred. The Battle each other’s body is anticipated to be required to the Church Royal at St James’s Palace in London, where it will certainly exist till the day of the funeral service. From there it will be taken by roadway to Windsor Castle. Pre-pandemic, around 800 mourners had been expected to be invited to the funeral, attracted from the Duke’s army units, the charities of which he was client, as well as people related to the Battle each other of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. They would have been admitted to the Church Royal to pay their last respects, however it would not have been open to the general public who will be guided towards a book of condolence instead. The Queen Mommy was interred in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, alongside her spouse George VI as well as the Queen’s sis, Princess Margaret, as well as the chapel is expected to become the last resting location of the Fight it out. Battle each other’s health background His fatality follows years of amazing stamina, in which the Duke undertook extra public engagements than much younger senior Royals. In 2016, he accomplished main meetings as well as brows through on 110 days of the year, continuing to be client or head of state of around 800 organisations as well as taking an active passion in his Duke of Edinburgh Honor scheme. At the time of his 90th birthday celebration, he had proclaimed that he intended to cut back on his public obligations, however continued to be a solid visibility at a variety of engagements throughout Britain. His Royal Highness declared publicly to be nearing his “sell-by day”, there was little proof of that in his public articulations, which remained as forthright as ever. In May 2017, the Royal residence announced that the Fight it out would be stepping back from main tasks from the fall, in the closest thing the Royal household comes to retired life. Then, it was comprehended he wished to remain engaged with his preferred causes, devoid of the pressure of normal public appearances in later life.< div class=" lazy-image article-body-image __ resource" style=" padding-top:54.56%;" data-js=" LazyImage" data-class =" lazy-image __ img" data-src="/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000132243658_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqQy6PjNyEIpEwnFW2_UsSsmmIhhu91BbNjA_OJQGu_Ko. jpeg?imwidth =480" data-srcset="/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000132243658_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqQy6PjNyEIpEwnFW2_UsSsmmIhhu91BbNjA_OJQGu_Ko. jpeg?imwidth= 350 350w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000132243658_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqQy6PjNyEIpEwnFW2_UsSsmmIhhu91BbNjA_OJQGu_Ko. jpeg?imwidth =480 480w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000132243658_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqQy6PjNyEIpEwnFW2_UsSsmmIhhu91BbNjA_OJQGu_Ko. jpeg?imwidth= 680 680w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000132243658_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqQy6PjNyEIpEwnFW2_UsSsmmIhhu91BbNjA_OJQGu_Ko. jpeg?imwidth= 960 960w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000132243658_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqQy6PjNyEIpEwnFW2_UsSsmmIhhu91BbNjA_OJQGu_Ko. jpeg?imwidth= 1280 1280w "data-sizes="( min-width: 1280px) 960px,( min-width: 768px) 680px, (min-width: 480px) 480px, 100vw" data-alt =" The Fight it out with the Queen and Royal Prince Philip atTrooping the Colour in 2017″ >< img class=" responsive lazy-image __ img article-body-image __ resource" src="" alt=" The Fight it out with the Queen as well as Prince Philip at Trooping the Colour in 2017 “>The Battle each other with the Queen and also Royal Prince Charles at Trooping the Colour in 2017. Credit score: Anwar Hussein/ WireImage. After a series of public appearances in which he showed up on great kind, including Trooping the Colour as well as Royal Ascot, he was hospitalised once more that June for 2 evenings. Concerns for his wellness were played down, with assistants claiming he remained in” excellent spirits” and out of bed quickly. Adhering to a successful hip replacement operation and also a rumoured broken rib in 2018, he celebrated the wedding of Royal prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel in May, appearing happy at his grand son’s joy as well as paying attention intently to a visiting American preacher.< div course= "lazy-image article-body-image __ source "design=" padding-top:75.6%; "data-js =" LazyImage "data-class=" lazy-image __ img "data-src =”/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000164019086_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqbTl4D02iCM3NuMfK2RT0HTjsyN2j3JnAYXPi059mk8g. jpeg?imwidth= 480″ data-srcset=”/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000164019086_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqbTl4D02iCM3NuMfK2RT0HTjsyN2j3JnAYXPi059mk8g. jpeg?imwidth =350 350w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000164019086_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqbTl4D02iCM3NuMfK2RT0HTjsyN2j3JnAYXPi059mk8g. jpeg?imwidth =480 480w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000164019086_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqbTl4D02iCM3NuMfK2RT0HTjsyN2j3JnAYXPi059mk8g. jpeg?imwidth =680 680w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000164019086_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqbTl4D02iCM3NuMfK2RT0HTjsyN2j3JnAYXPi059mk8g. jpeg?imwidth =960 960w,/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000164019086_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqbTl4D02iCM3NuMfK2RT0HTjsyN2j3JnAYXPi059mk8g.jpeg?imwidth= 1280 1280w” data-sizes=” (min-width: 1280px) 960px,( min-width: 768px) 680px,( min-width :480px)480px, 100vw” data-alt=” TheQueen and the Fight It Out of Edinburgh at the wedding event ofPrinceHarry to Meghan Markle” >< img class= "responsivelazy-image __ img article-body-image __ resource “src =”” alt =” The Queen as well as the Battle Each Other of Edinburgh at the wedding event of Royal prince Harry to Meghan Markle” >< figcaption class =" e-caption u-meta e-caption– has-separator ” data-js=” caption” > The Queen as well as the Fight It Out of Edinburgh at the wedding of Royal prince Harry to Meghan Markle.< span course=" e-caption __ credit rating" itemprop=" copyrightHolder "data-test =” debt” > Credit score: Getty Images Europe. In early 2019, he astonished the world by walking away uninjured from a major car accident which saw his Land Wanderer roll onto its side near Sandringham. He surrendered his driving licence soon later on. Nonetheless, he was hospitalised again that December, when he was airlifted to a personal London hospital from Sandringham for treatment as well as observation wherefore Buckingham Royal residence described as a” pre-existing problem”. Palace aides looked for to downplay the growth, firmly insisting there was” no cause for alarm” however the Fight it out was comprehended to have been in illness for several weeks and also it was clear he was getting ever before frailer. The Fight it out was re-admitted on February 16, spending more than a week under the monitoring of medical professionals as he was treated for an infection. TheEarl of Wessex, his youngest boy, claimed that the moment that the Royal family was keeping its “fingers went across” and that hisfather was” a lot far better” and also was eager to get house. Fight it out’s action-packed life Since his retirement, as well as pre-pandemic, the Battle each other had actually greatly been living at Wood Ranch on the Sandringham estate. He was an unbelievably energetic guy that delighted in healthiness for much of his life. In his last years, he was a normal at the Royal Windsor Horse Program, as well as resisted his age to enjoy his hobby of carriage driving in the regional parks. The Queen And Prince Philip chatting with each other throughout the Royal Windsor Horse Program in May 1982… Credit rating: Tim Graham/Getty Images.< img course =" responsive lazy-image __ img article-body-image __ resource" src ="” alt =” Prince Philip carriage driving” > … and also taking pleasure in carriage driving in 2014. Credit scores: Ben Pruchnie/ WireImage. Being a member of the Royal household agreed with him and also he kept his lean figure throughout, thanks to healthy and balanced consuming as well as a routine of daily exercise learned in the armed force. The Battle each other’s death will advertise fond recollections of his most memorable minutes, inevitably including his most entertaining reported gaffes over theyears. When inquired about his online reputation for not experiencing fools happily, he when grinned extensively and responded:” I have endured fools with persistence “. As tributes pour in for the male who was the Queen’s undeniable rock throughout her regime, many will certainly rely on Her Greatness’s own tribute to him in a speech commemorating their golden wedding anniversary in 1997. The Queen and also the Duke of Edinburgh at Royal Ascot in 2016. Credit: Heathcliff O’Malley. The Queen explained her partner as “someone who does not take easily to praises, but he has, rather merely, been my toughness and stay all these years, as well as I and also his whole household, in this as well as many various other countries, owe him a financial debt higher than he would certainly ever declare or we will ever know”. On Christmas Day 2017, quickly after his retirement, Her Grandeur paid additionally tribute to his “support as well as one-of-a-kind sense of humour”. The Fight it out is made it through by his other half, Queen Elizabeth II, and also his youngsters Charles, Prince of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Battle Each Other of York and Royal Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. He has 8 grandchildren and also 10 great-grandchildren. We welcome you to leave your tributes to Prince Philip in the comments area here

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The Battle each other of Edinburgh, the longest-serving accompaniment to a queen in British history, has actually died at the age of 99, Buckingham Palace has revealed.
Royal prince Philip, whom the Queen referred to as her “stamina as well as stay” during her record-breaking power, died at Windsor Castle on Friday.

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< meta itemprop =" link" web content="/ content/dam/royal-family/ 2021/02/24/ TELEMMGLPICT000100870048_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bq5yQLQqeH37t50SCyM4-zeBU– 41c5Cba04Sh5SZbNZ8.

Strategi Taruhan Olahraga – Cara Handicap & Memilih Pemenang

Per judian adalah tindakan berspekulasi pada suatu peristiwa, dengan maksud memenangi sesuatu atau kekeringan uang, dengan tumpuan akhir kehilangan harta benda atau uang. Ini adalah aktivitas dengan sangat populer, dinikmati oleh banyak orang-orang diseluruh Data sgp . Namun, jenis perjudian tersebut juga dapat menyebabkan konsekuensi serius kalau tidak dilakukan dengan bertanggung jawab. Oleh sebab itu, perjudian mencita-citakan tiga komponen terpenting: risiko, pertimbangan, & pembayaran.

Risiko adalah jumlah risiko dengan terlibat dalam taruhan, dalam kaitannya secara kerugian atau moral petaruh. Misalnya, jika Anda bertaruh pada pertandingan sepak globe, Anda akan kehilangan jumlah gaji Anda – jumlah kelebihan Anda jika Anda menang. Hal dengan sama berlaku guna permainan lain, seperti pacuan kuda, bisbol, dll. Jika Kamu mengetahui kemungkinan dampak sebelum memasang taruhan, maka Anda hendak dapat mengurangi jumlah risiko yang kalian hadapi.

Kedua, ada masalah persentase taruhan. Ini adalah istilah dengan relatif ambigu, dipakai untuk menggambarkan peluang relatif dari uni peristiwa tertentu tercipta, dalam hal peluang kemenangan oleh petaruh. Misalnya, bertaruh pada peluang bola bola keranjang biasanya sedikit kian berisiko daripada berspekulasi pada peluang melapuk bola, karena nun terakhir memiliki kinerja yang lebih bukan dapat diprediksi. Tingkatan taruhan olahraga takut-takut rumit, tetapi ada beberapa cara yang dapat diandalkan untuk mengukurnya.

Situs web taruhan olahraga naik daun memungkinkan petaruh untuk memasang taruhan tersebut secara online, melalui Internet. Mereka melaksanakan ini melalui judi bola pihak ketiga dengan menjamin bahwa taruhan yang ditempatkan pada situs mereka hendak dibayarkan kepada rungguh(an). Buku olahraga online memudahkan pelanggan buat memasang taruhan; itu juga dapat memburu kemajuan mereka dibanding waktu ke waktu. Situs web ini cenderung memiliki panduan pelanggan yang besar, yang berarti itu mampu menawarkan judi bola pada berbagai acara olahraga, dengan harga yang sangat bersaing.

Jika Anda telah memutuskan untuk berspekulasi pada Jets, Dikau akan menemukan internet sangat berguna guna meneliti potensi Jets picks dan memutuskan kapan harus menggerakkan taruhan Anda. New York Jets adalah salah satu kru terbaik di NFL. Sejak pelatih Rex Ryan dipekerjakan pada 2021, Jets belum pernah memenangkan banyak pertandingan. Tahun kemudian mereka finis pada urutan ke-4 di divisi tersebut, namun dikalahkan oleh Eagles yang dibenci di babak playoff. Tampaknya kinerja biasa-biasa saja tahun lalu bukanlah kebetulan, karena Jets memulai awal nun lambat tahun tersebut.

Satu diantara cara buat menentukan apakah Dikau akan dapat menghasilkan keuntungan adalah beserta meneliti New York Jets sebagai petaruh. Ini seharusnya tidak sulit dilakukan, olehkarena itu semua buku olahraga profesional memberikan info rinci tentang masing-masing tim. Anda perlu melihat penyebaran angka, garis atas alias bawah, keunggulan lapangan tuan rumah, total peluang yang diberikan dan tersirat. Kamu juga harus menanggapi faktor lain, sebagaimana laporan cedera, sengketa kesehatan pemain resep, perubahan kepelatihan, menyunggi khusus dan unsur lainnya. Semua hal ini dapat memengaruhi hasil akhir satu buah permainan dan kudu dipertimbangkan sebelum memasang taruhan.

Ada kurang lebih cara untuk menghasilkan permainan cacat, namun satu metode yang sangat berguna buat petaruh pemula ataupun mereka yang pertama dalam memasang taruhan secara online ialah dengan menggunakan Shark. Odds Shark adalah situs web dengan didedikasikan untuk positif orang memutuskan sports atau kontes apa yang akan dipertaruhkan, serta berapa banyak yang harus dipertaruhkan. Cara menggunakan Odds Shark sederhana; cukup letakkan permainan dengan ingin Anda pertaruhkan di bagian “Pilihan”, pilih peluangnya, tetapkan taruhan Anda ke jumlah maksimum yang bersedia Anda pertaruhkan, lalu pasang taruhan bola Anda. Anda dapat langsung melihat prospek Jets menjadi underdog dan seperti segala sesuatu garis idealnya.

Faktor-faktor lain yang bisa memengaruhi apakah Kamu akan dapat membuahkan untung atau rugi pada taruhan Anda adalah jenis permainan yang terlibat, lokasi permainan, seperti segala sesuatu kondisi cuaca, serta faktor lain dengan dapat memengaruhi kemungkinan hasil atau pergerakan garis permainan. Bila Anda tahu Kamu akan bertaruh di permainan dengan jumlah penyebaran poin dengan bagus, Anda kiranya ingin mencoba dan menentukan apakah penyebaran poin sesuai dengan yang kalian harapkan sebelum memasang taruhan Dikau. Hal ini dapat dilakukan dengan tahu hasil permainan sebelumnya yang memiliki penyebaran poin tinggi dan mencari tahu garis akhirnya. Anda kemudian dapat menemukan situasi serupa di mana tim yang bukan diunggulkan menang, dan mencari tahu bagaimanapun juga sulitnya penyebaran guna mencakup semua kru yang berbeda. Jika permainan yang Anda pertaruhkan memiliki penyebaran angka yang cukup rendah, Anda kemudian siap menggunakan keterampilan matematika Anda untuk menentukan apakah menurut Anda Jets akan berada di kursi pemandu atau tidak. Ini adalah salah satu ragam taruhan olahraga nun lebih mudah, sebab yang harus Anda lakukan hanyalah melihat tren di tanda lalu dan menetapkanmengukuhkan, menjadikan kemungkinan hasil.

Grand National Festival 2021: live racing updates from day one at Aintree

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  • Grand National 2021 runners and riders: our horse by horse verdict
  • Grand National 2021 tips: best bets, predictions and five horses to watch
  • Grand National 2021 sweepstake kit: How to download and print yours
  • ‘Tiger Roll’s Grand National omission robs us of chance to watch an icon become an immortal’

Auto update


Reaction from winning jockey Harry Cobden

And he has some serious praise for Monmiral:

He travels really well, jumps great…he’s top class.He’s as good a juvenile as I’ve ever sat on.


Doom Bar Anniversary 4-Y-O Juvenile Hurdle result

  1. Monmiral
  2. Adagio

Monmiral jumps the last

in front but his closest rival Adagio clatters it! Monmiral saunters to a win by seven lengths or so.

Paul Nicholls is on the board for the festival. Another win for Sir Alex Ferguson and co! 


Two out

Monmiral joins Fiveandtwenty, Adagio closing


Sixth hurdle

Fiveandtwenty breezing along and has a three-length advantage over Paros


Fourth hurdle

Fiveandtwenty still leads, Paros in second and Monmiral third



Is pretty keen and leads over the first hurdle


They’re off

in the second race.


Sir Alex Ferguson with a win on Merseyside!

The former Man United boss is a co-owner of first race winner Protekorat – and second race favourite Monmiral.


Second race betting

With a couple of minutes to go:

Monmiral 5/6

Adagio 13/8

Fiveandtwenty 12/1

John Locke 16/1

Paros 28/1

Carlos Felix 125/1


Our Grand National verdict

If you’re already thinking about the big race on Saturday then it’s worth a look at our racing correspondent Marcus Armytage’s horse-by-horse verdict – including the runners, riders and reserves as it stands.


The next race

Is the Doom Bar Anniversary 4-Y-O Juvenile Hurdle at 2.20pm.

It’s another Grade One and there are six horses in the mix – with Monmiral the 10/11 favourite as it stands.


Fantastic finish

From Harry Skelton and Protektorat. They rallied well heading into the last to join Hitman and The Shunter, jumped it tidily enough and then looked really strong in the run-in. 

Protektorat (left) jumps the last in the SSS Super Alloys Manifesto Novices’ Chase



Manifesto Novices’ Chase result

  1. Protektorat
  2. The Shunter
  3. Hitman

Three horses jumped the last together

But Proketorat finished strongly for the Skeltons and won by about three lengths


Last fence

Protektorat joins Hitman and The Shunter and goes clear on landing!


Two out

Lovely jump from Hitman and he extends his advantage to three lengths


Fourth from home

Hitman over safely with The Shunter looking fairly ominous in second


Fusil Raffles is pulled up

Hitman has the lead from The Shunter with Eldorado Allen in third


Fusil Raffles gives the ninth

A whack and Hitman takes the lead


They’re all over the eighth fence safely

Fusil Raffles joined by Hitman with The Shunter a couple of lengths back


Fifth fence

Fusil Raffles very tidy, extends his lead on landing


Fusil Raffles straight into the lead

Ahead of Hitman and The Shunter


And they’re off 

In the Manifesto Novices’ Chase


The horses are at the start for the first

They’ll get going any time.

Current betting: Fusil Raffles 5/2, Hitman 7/2 and The Shunter 7/2


Grand National 2021: All you need to know 

We’ve answered all your questions in one place – including when Saturday’s big race starts, how you can watch it and what are the latest odds.

Cloth Cap is the favourite for this year’s Grand National



Marlborough’s Aintree tips for today

Our champion tipster Marlborough offers up his selections for all races on a daily basis.

Here’s what he fancies at Aintree:

1.45 Eldorado Allen

2.20 Adagio

2.50 Clan Des Obeaux

3.25 Buzz NAP

4.05 Billaway

4.40 Grey Diamond

5.15 Eileendover


Betting for the first race

At the moment there are three 11/4 co-favourites for the Manifesto Novices’ Chase which is due off at 1.45pm.

The bookies cannot split Nicky Henderson’s Fusil Raffles, Paul Nicholls’ Hitman and Emmet Mullins’ The Shunter.

The latter was an impressive winner at the Cheltenham Festival last month, claiming the Paddy Power Plate Handicap Chase in fine style.

It is his first time stepping into Grade One company today and will be interesting to see how he goes.

The Shunter clears the last on the way to victory in the Paddy Power Plate Handicap Chase



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Grand National horse-by-horse verdict

Following this morning’s declarations, Bristol De Mai heads a maximum field of 40 for Saturday’s Grand National — but the strongly-fancied Secret Reprieve is only a second reserve at this stage.

The field will be confirmed at 1pm on Friday.

Read our verdict on all the runners and riders here.


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It’s two days away, but the 40 runners and riders for this year’s Grand National (plus the four reserves) were confirmed this morning. 

And if you want to set up a (socially-distanced) sweepstake with friends and family then we’ve got just the thing for you – click here to access Telegraph Sport’s sweepstake kit.


Walsh and Geraghty’s Betway Bowl predictions


Good afternoon!

Welcome to our coverage of day one of the 2021 Grand National Festival at Aintree. There are some big names on show today, including dual Champion Hurdle winner Buveur D’Air and 2018 Gold Cup champ Native River – but the star attraction is undoubtedly two-time Grand National hero Tiger Roll.

Unfortunately for racing fans he won’t be going for a tilt at an historic third National title on Saturday, instead taking on the Betway Bowl at 2.50pm today – but it is always a joy to see the living legend in action.

Tiger Roll comes into today’s race after an outstanding fifth Cheltenham Festival triumph, in the Cross Country Chase, which cemented his status as the most popular horse in training.

After that success, our chief sports writer Oliver Brown shared his disappointment at the news the Tiger won’t be given a chance to win his third National, writing “we cannot overstate the significance that Tiger Roll’s matching of Red Rum would have both within racing and beyond”.

He added: “The regret at Tiger Roll’s National omission is perfectly simple. It is that we have been denied the chance of watching an icon become an immortal.”

Gigginstown Stud race manager Eddie O’Leary has played down Tiger Roll’s chances of success in the Betway Bowl, saying he has “no chance whatsoever” of winning – making the decision to swerve the National seem even more difficult to understand.

Kevin Blake made his thoughts clear on ITV Racing’s Opening Show this morning, saying it was “a shame” the horse is running today rather than Saturday – and there’s no doubt most racing fans will feel the same.

Native River also goes in the Betway Bowl, with Clan Des Obeaux the current favourite at 5/2 for that race.

Buveur D’Air has not been the force of old in recent times, and faces an uphill battle against 10 rivals including Abacadabras and Brewin’upastorm in the Aintree Hurdle at 3.25pm.

There are seven races on today’s card – including four Grade Ones – with the first race off at 1.45pm. The going is currently good to soft.

Temukan Perbaikan Permainan Kamu di Result Hong Kong

Pernah menurut tentang ledakan milik terbaru di Hong Kong? Gelembung properti telah menjadi syuhada di kota kota besar ini. Ini adalah produk dari penyusunan selama dua dekade dan pertumbuhan nun luar biasa dalam jumlah investor aneh. Dari 2001 sampai 2012, kekayaan Hong Kong tumbuh lebih dari tiga persepuluhan persen, menjadikannya khilaf satu ekonomi secara pertumbuhan tercepat di dunia. Pemerintah duga melakukan banyak sesuatu untuk mendorong pertumbuhan ekonomi ini dengan perantara kenaikan pajak dan zona bebas.

Waktu ini, mari kita amati industri perjudian pada Hong Kong. Prakata kasino baru-baru ini dalam lokasi gedung tradisional Bank of China telah menciptakan serbuan orang ke kasino di seluruh kota. Ini telah menjadi keuntungan besar kira sektor perjudian kota. Kasino di tempat bebas berarti seluruh biaya permainan dibebaskan dari pajak gaji. Ini termasuk sewa, peralatan judi, hadiah uang dan seluruh jenis pendapatan yang lain lain, seperti kemenangan dan bunga yang diperoleh para pemain.

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Tempat nongkrong yang populer bagi banyak penduduk Hong Kong adalah Lamma Plaza. data hk 6d paito olahraga ini terkenal beserta tempat tinju dan softball. Anda juga dapat menemukan bermacam-macam permainan arcade nun bagus disini. Tempat ini dikenal serupa favorit di antara semua generasi. Jika Kamu ingin berjudi, tersedia beberapa terminal taruhan bola langsung yang ada di area perjudian. Terminal ini betul-betul memungkinkan Anda buat bertaruh dengan duit sungguhan!

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Darat Hong Kong selalu memiliki pengaruh memuaskan di hati karet pecinta film dan video game. Warga setempat memiliki rencana yang besar buat bermain game. Bila Anda mengunjungi Hong Kong, Anda bisa menginap di salah satu dari penuh jaringan hotel kaya. Banyak hotel mempunyai kualitas tertinggi & memberikan layanan terkemuka. Anda dapat memilih2x dari anggaran sampai harga menengah. Tempat hotel sangat berarti karena akan mempengaruhi tingkat kenyamanan Kamu.

Derek Chauvin test: Use force expert to testify on previous officer’s knee on George Floyd’s neck

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A use-of-force specialist informed Derek Chauvin’s murder trial that the previous policeman made use of “extreme “force when he

stooped on George Floyd’s neck for greater than nine minutes. Jody Stiger, a Los Angeles Authorities Division sergeant, has been called by the prosecution to lay out to the jury what type of force would have been appropriate for Mr Chauvin to utilize throughout

Mr Floyd’s deadly apprehension. The test has actually carried on from the psychological statement of eye witnesses to a forensic evaluation of authorities training and also tactics.

Sgt Stiger results from go back to the dock when statement resumes in Minneapolis on Wednesday.

< div class=" lazy-image article-body-image __ resource" style=" padding-top:56.32%;" data-js= "LazyImage" data-class= "lazy-image __ img" data-src="/ content/dam/news/ 2021/04/06/ TELEMMGLPICT000255225571_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqNEaEPVj0ukpq09fI7aH1yHSFJkRLhAlarA5CDiEErnI. jpeg?imwidth =480" data-srcset ="/ content/dam/news/ 2021/04/06/ TELEMMGLPICT000255225571_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqNEaEPVj0ukpq09fI7aH1yHSFJkRLhAlarA5CDiEErnI. jpeg?imwidth= 350 350w,/ content/dam/news/ 2021/04/06/ TELEMMGLPICT000255225571_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqNEaEPVj0ukpq09fI7aH1yHSFJkRLhAlarA5CDiEErnI. jpeg?imwidth= 480 480w,/ content/dam/news/ 2021/04/06/ TELEMMGLPICT000255225571_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqNEaEPVj0ukpq09fI7aH1yHSFJkRLhAlarA5CDiEErnI. jpeg?imwidth= 680 680w,/ content/dam/news/ 2021/04/06/ TELEMMGLPICT000255225571_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqNEaEPVj0ukpq09fI7aH1yHSFJkRLhAlarA5CDiEErnI. jpeg?imwidth= 960 960w,/ content/dam/news/ 2021/04/06/ TELEMMGLPICT000255225571_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqNEaEPVj0ukpq09fI7aH1yHSFJkRLhAlarA5CDiEErnI. jpeg?imwidth =1280 1280w" data-sizes

=”( min-width: 1280px )960px,( min-width: 768px )680px,( min-width: 480px )480px, 100vw” data-alt =” Eric Nelson , left, and also Derek Chauvin, right, listen as Court Peter Cahill presides in the murder trial” >

Eric Nelson, left, and Derek Chauvin, right, pay attention as Court Peter Cahill administers in the murder test . Credit rating: Court TELEVISION.

The prosecution have actually argued that Mr Chavin breached police protocol as well as utilized extreme pressure when he

remained to pin Mr Floyd to the ground while he was

cuffed and also not withstanding apprehension. On Tuesday mid-day, Sgt Stiger stated Mr Chauvin and the 3 various other officers were justified in using force while Mr Floyd was resisting their initiatives to place him in an authorities squad cars and truck. However he claimed when the 46-year-old was on the ground and stopped standing up to,” at that point the police officers should have decreased or quit their force as well, “he informed the court. Sgt Stiger said that after assessing video of the apprehension,” my opinion was that the

force was excessive.” Mr Chauvin , 45, is billed with murder as well as wrongful death in Mr Floyd’s death in south Minneapolis on Might 25, 2020. Mr Floyd was apprehended outside a corner store after being accused of attempting to pass an imitation $ 20 costs. Onlooker video footage of the unarmed black male advocating air as he was pinned to the ground stimulated a global outcry and

a nationwide projection over United States policing. No’ blue wall’

As opposed to shutting ranks to protect a fellow policeman behind what has actually been referred to as the” blue wall of silence,” some of one of the most knowledgeable participants of the Minneapolis force have actually taken the stand during the last couple of days to freely condemn Mr Chauvin’s actions.

< div class=" video-player __ resource" data-test="

video clip” data-video=” l18BBVGM7Ag” >

Jurors in the trial discovered that Mr

Chauvin had been accredited to do CPR as well as was needed to administer first aid to a suspect in

distress under Minneapolis Authorities Division policy. The protection contends that Mr Chauvin was doing “precisely” what he was trained to do in his 19-year career. Mr Chauvin’s legal representative, Eric Nelson, has

argued the officers were distracted by an aggressive team of onlookers as well as were using ideal restriction on Mr Floyd.’ We’ll breathe after sentence’

< figcaption course=" e-caption u-meta e-caption– has-separator" data-js=" subtitle

” > Gwen Carr, Eric Garner’s mother, stands with Philonise Floyd

outside the court house.

Credit: Reuters.

Outdoors court on Tuesday the Floyd’s household stated they “will have the ability to breathe “when Mr Chauvin is founded guilty. Speaking outside the Minneapolis courthouse where Mr Chauvin is on trial, the Floyd family on Tuesday explained their distress at needing to “relive” Mr Floyd’s last moments during the proceedings.” It causes them and also many people to experience PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder),” stated Ben Crump, an attorney standing for the family.

Mr Crump claimed the test, which entered its seventh day of statement, has had a “emotional” toll on not just the household, however the global audience complying with the televised trial remotely. Onlooker footage of Mr Chauvin kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck as the 46-year-old pleaded for air has actually been played repetitively during the procedures. The Floyd household have actually endured each day of statement as well as stated they had decided to hold a petition session after a” troubled week” of viewing Mr Floyd’s last moments on repeat.

George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd. Credit: Reuters.

They held a team prayer outside the courthouse alongside Gwen Carr, the mom of Eric Garner, one more black man eliminated during a cops restraint, and also former New York Guv David Paterson. Mr Floyd’s bro, Philonise Floyd, told the group:” We’re undergoing difficult times now as well as we need people on our side to help us survive this.” In a recommendation to his bro’s last words, he included: “But one point I can inform: Me as well as Ms Gwen Carr, after we obtain the verdict and also we obtain this conviction, we’ll have the ability to breathe.”

Tampil di Pelat HK

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Anda bakal dapat menikmati beberapa game bagus dengan harga murah, oleh karena itu Anda tidak perlu khawatir kehabisan uang! Selain itu, Anda mungkin ingin merancang untuk mendaftar ke kompetisi VIP pula. Mereka tidak hanya akan memberi Dikau akses ke bervariasi permainan yang amat kompetitif, mereka juga memberi Anda terusan ke paket VIP, yang mencakup pemberitahuan di papan nama kami, mini-van bermerek dan “Tiket VIP” yang selalu ternama.

Anda harus menutup biaya masuk satu kali untuk bermain, yang umumnya tak lebih dari $ 25. Ini benar-benar harga yang sangat kecil untuk dibayar mengingat apa yang Anda dapatkan dari bermain. Selain bermain di liga teratas, Kamu juga akan berpeluang untuk menghadiri beberapa acara lokal juga. Beberapa di antaranya termasuk turnamen lingkungan dan kompetisi yang lain, jadi Anda bahkan mungkin bisa memenangi beberapa hadiah memukau dari mereka pula!

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Ada jumlah cara untuk mendekati bermain dalam permainan lotre. Anda mampu bermain hanya guna bersenang-senang, atau Kamu bisa bermain dengan harapan memenangkan sejumlah uang. Apapun jalan yang Anda pilih, Anda tidak hendak pernah kecewa! Ketika Anda menang pada tempat pertama, oleh karena itu Anda akan menyaksikan betapa beruntungnya Dikau.

Anda tidak demi mengeluarkan terlalu penuh uang untuk tiru serta dalam keseruan. Game lotre on line sederhana akan memberi Anda akses di beberapa game on line paling menarik dengan tersedia. Jadi tunggu apalagi? Jangan lewatkan bermain di game lotre paling memikat di dunia! Anda bisa bermain pada waktu kurang daripada setengah jam!

Pilih Nomor Lotere Yang Akan Menang – Pilih Nomor Cepat Untuk Lotto

Lotto adalah bentuk per judian kuno yang membawa penarikan nomor arbitrer untuk mendapatkan kado. Dalam bentuk aslinya, game ini ditemukan di Yunani. Kaum negara melarang lotere, sementara yang unik mendukungnya sejauh mengatur lotere negara potongan atau nasional. Ini juga umum guna melihat beberapa tingkat regulasi lotre sambil berbagai pemerintah di seluruh dunia.

Gimana orang bermain lotre? Versi lotre yang paling populer ialah membeli tiket & kemudian berharap Kamu mendapatkan kombinasi yang tepat. Orang pula dapat membeli karcis tunggal sehingga itu dapat memenangkan sekitar hadiah uang tunai dari penarikan wahid jackpot ke jackpot lainnya. Variasi lotre lainnya adalah secara membeli kombinasi lotre progresif, di mana jackpotnya lebih raksasa dengan setiap undian. Beberapa kombinasi progresif memiliki jackpot lain yang lebih besar lagi.

Salah satu tips untuk memainkan sajian tersebut adalah dengan membeli satu pasang kartu yang mengandung angka-angka. Ini biasanya cara terbaik bagi mereka yang minat untuk merahasiakan kemujuran mereka. Beberapa tokoh memilih untuk membeli kartu tambahan dan menempatkannya di songkok, dengan harapan mendapatkan kombinasi yang jelas. Metode apa pula biar yang dipilih untuk dimainkan, aturan permainan dasar berlaku.

angka keluar hk berbagai jenis produk lotre. Yang mengelokkan populer adalah undian biasa, di mana angka-angkanya diambil dengan pola yang telah ditentukan. Jenis lainnya ialah undian progresif, di mana angka yang keluar bertambah ketika Anda menempatkan kian banyak uang di jackpot. Pada sajian non progresif, jackpot semakin kecil seiring berjalannya waktu, sehingga untuk menang akan memerlukan waktu yang lama. Beberapa game toleran memiliki syarat / ketentuan khusus, diantaranya menggandakan atau terutama melipatgandakan taruhan mula Anda. Namun, tatkala Anda menang, Anda akan mendapatkan parsel per permainan, tak per tarikan.

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Proses memilih2x nomor untuk sajian lotre Anda kian mudah saat Kamu membeli sistem nomor pilihan cepat. Orde ini memungkinkan Kamu dengan cepat mengamati nomor mana yang terbaik untuk dimainkan. Mereka telah dibuat untuk mereka yang bukan punya waktu guna menganalisis dan memutuskan kartu mana yang akan ditempatkan dalam setiap undian. Mereka dapat memberi Kamu angka-angka bagus dengan hampir pasti hendak menang. Dengan sistem ini, yang mesti Anda lakukan ialah memilih nomor acak, memasukkannya ke di sistem online, dan Anda akan jadi hasil hanya pada beberapa menit.

Grand National 2021 runners and motorcyclists: latest longlist with weights introduced

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There will certainly be at the very least 3 female jockeys riding in the Randox Health Grand National at Aintree on Saturday with Rachael Blackmore, Bryony Frost as well as Tabitha Worsley ready to take part in the world’s greatest race

. With the King George (Frost), the Champ Hurdle (Blackmore) as well as leading cyclist at the Cheltenham Event (Blackmore) all checked off the want list given that Christmas, the only woman champion of the National so far stays Enid Bagnold’s imaginary character Velvet Brown. Although, in truth, Katie Walsh was stone’s throw off winning the well-known steeplechase in 2012 when five lengths third on Seabass behind Neptune Collonges.

Blackmore has the option of Henry de Bromhead’s 2 ‘most likely’ joggers Chris’s Desire, a 33-1 shot, and also Balko Des Flos, a 40-1 shot, and a ‘feasible’ 3rd runner, Minella Times that is as short as 14-1.

The last race Balko Des Flos won was the Ryanair Chase in 2018 but he has actually run well at Aintree round the Mildmay course. Last time out he unseated Blackmore in the Glenfarclas Cross-Country at Cheltenham behind Tiger Roll previously this month however the ground is being available in his favour.

Chris’s Desire, that was only defeated by a neck in the Grade One Ladbrokes Chase over three miles at Down Royal very first time out this season, was pulled up in this season’s Ryanair after ‘obtaining a little bit lost.’

“He’s been ear-marked for the National for a long period of time but they are both high course on their day,” claimed the Waterford fitness instructor.

“Minella Times (that has not run out the initial 2 in three begins this period) is functioning his means up. He would certainly additionally have a squeak if he runs.”

Frost, whose ideal National placing was 5th on Milansbar behind Tiger Roll in 2018, educated Yala Enki over Aintree style fence Lambourn on Monday having done the very same over David Pipeline’s National fencings recently.

“He leapt great,” stated Nicholls. “In the Becher Chase he went tanking into the first, which he can be a little bit inclined to do, as well as dropped however he leapt round remarkably loosened and Bryony stated his leaping has actually been brilliant considering that.

“I will also run Give Me A Copper which Harry (Cobden) will certainly ride. He ran well on his seasonal debut but he can sulk a bit so we’ve maintained him fresh and often the race can entertain steeds which sulk. Yet I ‘d state Yala Enki is our ideal chance, he’s a strong stayer with a touch of class.”

It is the 3rd and also minimal understood of the trio, Tabitha Worsley, that could actually claim the very best document over fencings; one win from one ride having actually won the Foxhunters two years earlier on Top Timber, a result which she used to help her turn professional.

She will ride Below Lieutenant which is educated by her mother Georgie Howell, that educates six equines near Tenbury Wells. He was previously trained by de Bromhead as well as provided Blackmore a very spin over the fencings to end up second in the Topham Chase over surround 2019.

Throughout Cheltenham she came through in the mornings for de Bromhead with Blackmore. “I was coming through for Henry all of Cheltenham week this year so I discovered a little bit much more about him,” clarified Worsley. “He said he is such a fun steed to have about as well as he is a beautiful steed. He claimed he can see him running a truly wonderful race so allow’s hope he isn’t wrong.

“I asked Rachael about him as well as she claimed if you believe he jumps a typical fencing well, after that wait up until you obtain him over one of those Aintree fencings. She said he will not travel in between the fencings yet as quickly as he is in those wings he just illuminate so that loaded me with a lot of enjoyment too.”

  • Grand National 2021 sweepstake package – how to print
  • Obtain the latest wagering deals as well as Grand National complimentary bets

Grand National 2021 present joggers and also weights

An optimum of 40 horses will certainly line-up for the race. Below are the existing entrances, designated weights, owners and fitness instructors. A final line-up plus four books are introduced on the morning of April 8.

As of April 5 2021

  1. Bristol de Mai (FR) 10 11 10 Mr Simon Munir & & Mr Isaac Souede Nigel Twiston-Davies
  2. The Author (DISPLEASURE) 10 11 8 Mrs Rub Sloan Mrs Denise Foster
  3. Chris’s Dream (WRATH) 9 11 7 Robcour Henry de Bromhead
  4. Yala Enki (FR) 11 11 3 Hills of Ledbury Ltd Paul Nicholls
  5. Ballyoptic (WRATH) 11 11 1 Mills & & Mason Collaboration Nigel Twiston-Davies
  6. Definitly Red (IRE) 12 11 1 Phil & & Julie Martin Brian Ellison
  7. Lake Sight Lad (WRATH) 11 11 0 Mr Trevor Hemmings N. W. Alexander
  8. Burrows Saint (FR) 8 10 13 Mrs S. Ricci W. P. Mullins
  9. Magic of Light (IRE) 10 10 13 Ann & & Alan Potts Limited Mrs J. Harrington
  10. Acapella Bourgeois (FR) 11 10 12 Slaneyville Syndicate W. P. Mullins
  11. Anibale Fly (FR) 11 10 12 Mr John P. McManus A. J. Martin
  12. Mister Malarky (GB) 8 10 12 Wendy & & Malcolm Hezel Colin Tizzard
  13. Talkischeap (WRATH) 9 10 12 Charles Dingwall Alan King
  14. Tout Est Permis (FR) 8 10 12 Gigginstown House Stud Noel Meade
  15. Kimberlite Candy (DISPLEASURE) 9 10 10 Mr John P. McManus Tom Lacey
  16. Any Kind Of 2nd Now (DISPLEASURE) 9 10 9 Mr John P. McManus T. M. Walsh
  17. Balko des Flos (FR) 10 10 9 Gigginstown Residence Stud Henry de Bromhead
  18. Alpha des Obeaux (FR) 11 10 9 Gigginstown House Stud Mrs Denise Foster
  19. Alright Corral (WRATH) 11 10 8 Mr John P. McManus Nicky Henderson
  20. Takingrisks (DISPLEASURE) 12 10 7 Mr Frank Bird Nicky Richards
  21. Ruined Love (IRE) 10 10 7 Gigginstown Residence Stud Mrs Denise Foster
  22. Jett (WRATH) 10 10 7 Mr Robert Waley-Cohen Mrs J. Harrington
  23. Lord du Mesnil (FR) 8 10 6 Mr Paul Doorperson & & Mike & Mandy Smith Richard Hobson
  24. Potters Edge (WRATH) 11 10 6 All Stars Sports Racing & & J Davies Christian Williams
  25. Course Conti (FR) 9 10 6 Mr Simon Munir/Mr Isaac Souede W. P. Mullins
  26. Milan Indigenous (DISPLEASURE) 8 10 6 Gigginstown Home Stud Mrs Denise Foster
  27. Discorama (FR) 8 10 6 Thomas Friel/Andrew Gemmell Paul Nolan
  28. Vieux Lion Rouge (FR) 12 10 5 Prof Caroline Tisdall & & Mr John Gent David Pipe
  29. Towel Cap (DISPLEASURE) 9 10 5 Mr Trevor Hemmings Jonjo O’Neill
  30. Cabaret Queen (GB) 9 10 5 Syndicates.Racing W. P. Mullins
  31. Minellacelebration (DISPLEASURE) 11 10 5 Mr Nick Elliott Katy Cost
  32. Canelo (IRE) 8 10 4 Mr John P. McManus Alan King
  33. The Long Mile (GB) 7 10 4 Mr John P. McManus J.P.Dempsey
  34. Give Me A Copper (DISPLEASURE) 11 10 4 Done, Ferguson, Mason, Nicholls & & Timber Paul Nicholls
  35. Farclas (FR) 7 10 3 Gigginstown Residence Stud Mrs Denise Foster
  36. Minella Times (DISPLEASURE) 8 10 3 Mr John P. McManus Henry de Bromhead
  37. Sub Lieutenant (DISPLEASURE) 12 10 3 Ms G. Howell Georgie Howell
  38. Hogan’s Elevation (DISPLEASURE) 10 10 3 Foxtrot Racing: Hogan’s Elevation Jamie Snowden
  39. Double Shuffle (DISPLEASURE) 11 10 2 Gone Across Fingers Collaboration Tom George
  40. Ami Desbois (FR) 11 10 2 The Reserved Judgment Partnership Graeme McPherson
  41. Blaklion (GB) 12 10 2 Darren & & Annaley Yates Dan Skelton
  42. Some Neck (FR) 10 10 1 Some Neck Collaboration John McConnell
  43. Secret Respite (DISPLEASURE) 7 10 1 Mr & & Mrs William Rucker Evan Williams
  44. Kauto Riko (FR) 10 9 13 Mr and also Mrs J.Dale as well as Partners Tom Gretton
  45. Fagan (GB) 11 9 13 Mr Ben Brackenbury Alex Hales
  46. Deise Aba (DISPLEASURE) 8 9 13 Mr Trevor Hemmings Philip Hobbs
  47. Valtor (FR) 12 9 13 Mr Simon Munir & & Mr Isaac Souede Nicky Henderson
  48. Golan Fortune (IRE) 9 9 13 P Middleton, M Lowther Phil Middleton
  49. Run Wild Fred (WRATH) 7 9 11 Gigginstown Residence Stud Mrs Denise Foster
  50. The Hollow Ginge (WRATH) 8 9 11 The Ginge Army Nigel Twiston-Davies
  51. Captain Drake (DISPLEASURE) 8 9 11 Gary Stevens and Brian as well as Sandy Lambert Harry Fry
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  62. Soupy Soups (DISPLEASURE) 10 9 8 Equi ex-spouse Incertis Allies Neil Mulholland
  63. Beau Bay (FR) 10 9 7 Mr Peter Environment-friendly & & Dr RDP Newland
  64. Dr Richard Newland Shantou Leaflet (WRATH) 11 9 7 David Maxwell Competing Limited Paul Nicholls
  65. Hear No Wickedness (DISPLEASURE) 9 9 7 Mr Patrick Joseph McCartan Noel C. Kelly
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  67. Abovementioned (FR) 8 9 5 Gigginstown House Stud Mrs Denise Foster
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Coronavirus latest news: Vaccine passports a ‘rather silly measure’, says David Davis

Promo menarik pada undian Data SGP 2020 – 2021.

Coronavirus Article Bar with counter ..
  • PM says UK can look forward to ‘brighter days ahead’ in Easter message
  • Covid passports for return to normal life may not be ready for months
  • Grandparents could use passport app to screen birthday party guests
  • Gove comment: It is time for a discussion about Covid certification
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A Covid certification scheme planned by the Government is a “rather silly measure,” Tory former cabinet minister David Davis has said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to release details of a vaccine passport scheme on Easter Monday. The Government has confirmed any scheme would be part of a wider pilot of a return to large scale gatherings.

Mr Davis questioned the need for certificates, on LBC radio: “It is really rather hard to see what the purpose of this test is. It is very different from anything we have done in Britain outside wartime. We are not used to presenting papers – or the electronic equivalent – to go to the pub or to go to a football match. That is not what we think of our freedoms.

“Once you have got the population to above about 70 per cent vaccinated then you have got herd immunity. So it is very difficult to see what they are trying to stop.

“The idea that we’d somehow stop (coronavirus) variants by this rather silly measure in Britain alone is nonsense.”

Liverpool City Council announced on Sunday they would not be taking part in the certification scheme.

A spokesman for the council said: “The line which was briefed out yesterday by the Government about Liverpool’s events being included in the vaccine passports trials is incorrect – none of our events in Liverpool will involve them.”

​​Follow the latest updates below.

Auto update


Pope Francis urges countries to speed up Covid vaccine distribution in Easter message

Pope Francis urged countries in his Easter message on Sunday to speed up distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, particularly to the world’s poor, and called armed conflict and military spending during a pandemic “scandalous”.

After saying Mass, Francis read his “Urbi et Orbi” (to the city and the world) message, in which he traditionally reviews world problems and appeals for peace.

“The pandemic is still spreading, while the social and economic crisis remains severe, especially for the poor. Nonetheless – and this is scandalous – armed conflicts have not ended and military arsenals are being strengthened,” he said.

The pope asked God to comfort the sick, those who have lost a loved one, and the unemployed, urging authorities to give families in greatest need a “decent sustenance”.

He praised medical workers, sympathised with young people unable to attend school, and said everyone was called to combat the pandemic.

“I urge the entire international community, in a spirit of global responsibility, to commit to overcoming delays in the distribution of vaccines and to facilitate their distribution, especially in the poorest countries,” he said. 

Our Foreign Staff report.

Pope Francis leads the Easter Mass

Alessandra Benedetti – Corbis


What are Covid vaccine passports and how might they work in the UK?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected on Monday to confirm for the first time that a system of Covid certification is being developed to allow people to return to sporting matches, theatres and other major public events, as well as travelling overseas for holidays.

The Government defines Covid certificates or passports as something that can show you have had either a vaccine, a recent negative test, or antibodies from having the infection within the last six months.

All your questions about Covid vaccine passports are answered by Tony Diver here.

Vaccine passports in other countries

How Covid variants have swept through Europe and could spell trouble for British holidaymakers

The Government’s ‘cautious’ approach to reopening leisure travel could hinder trips to the Continent, as France and Germany battle the contagious Kent variant.

Read the story from Alex Clark here.

How the Kent variant has put holidays in Europe in doubt

Maharashtra in India to impose stringent Covid restrictions from Monday

India’s richest state, Maharashtra, said it would impose stringent Covid-19 restrictions from Monday as there has been a rapid rise in infections, a state minister said on Sunday.

The state will shut down malls, cinema halls, bars and restaurants from Monday evening and impose a complete lockdown on weekends, Nawab Malik told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise rapidly in India with the number of new infections nearing all-time high on Sunday, largely driven by infections in Maharashtra, home to the country’s financial capital Mumbai.

The country reported 93,249 new cases in the 24 hours to Sunday morning, according to data from the federal Health Ministry.

People crowd a wholesale shopping market ahead of Holi festival in New Delhi, India, 26 March 2021



Covid passports for return to normal life may not be ready for months

Covid passports designed to return life to normal in Britain might not be ready until the autumn, The Telegraph can reveal.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, will on Monday confirm for the first time that a system is being developed that will allow people to return to sporting matches, theatres and other major public events, as well as travelling overseas for holidays.

The Government is trying to find a way to prove it is safe for people to gather at crowded events by either presenting proof of being vaccinated, or a recent negative test or being protected with antibodies from having the infection within the last six months.

Pubs, restaurants and non-essential retail will still be allowed to open in coming weeks according to the Government’s roadmap as long as they follow Covid-safe guidance.

Read more of the story from Christopher Hope here.

Covid passports

Government trials for return of mass events intended as ‘learning experience’, says minister

Sports minister Nigel Huddleston has said the Government trials for the return of mass events were intended as a “learning experience” to understand how to “manage and mitigate” the risks of coronavirus transmission.

“It is not just about certification. The earlier pilots almost certainly won’t involve any elements of certification but it will involve testing, making sure that people are tested before and after the events,” he said in a pooled clip for broadcasters.

“What we will be looking at is the mitigation measures. So ventilation, one-way systems, hygiene measures, all of those kind of things to help inform long-term decision-making.”


Serbia offers foreigners a vaccine amid over-supply due to low take-up by Serbians

While most of the world struggles to secure enough Covid-19 vaccines, Serbia faces a different battle – how to persuade its citizens to get the life-saving shot.

The small Balkan country has so many vaccines available it has even offered jabs to any foreigner who can get themselves there, sparking an influx of thousands of “vaccine tourists” from neighbouring countries.

With around three million doses already in hand – a buffet of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V and Sinopharm – and two million of those already administered, one of Europe’s poorest corners has quickly found itself among the continent’s fastest vaccinators.

However, according to the government, little more than a quarter of those eligible to receive the precious shot applied for one. After Serbia vaccinated most of those who came forward, the pace started to stall.

“I beg you, people, get a vaccine,” Serbian populist President Aleksandar Vucic pleaded.

“We have them and we will have more, I beg you, in the name of God, take them,” he said.

“It’s clear that there is not a sufficient number of people willing to get vaccinated,” president of a doctors’ union Rade Panic told AFP.

According to Serbia’s leading epidemiologist Predrag Kon, lack of interest is “solely a consequence” of anti-vaccine misinformation being spread online by fearmongers.

A medical worker waits for people to receive the Covid-19 vaccine at a vaccination center in Belgrade, Serbia

Darko Vojinovic


‘Brighter days ahead’, Boris Johnson says in Easter message

Boris Johnson has said Britain can look forward to “brighter days ahead” as the country celebrates Easter.

In his Easter message, the Prime Minister acknowledged it had been a “very tough” year, but said the holiday brought fresh optimism.

“This has been a very tough 12 months. But, as ever, the arrival of Easter brings with it new hope,” he said.

“And, this year more than ever, it brings the promise of brighter days ahead for us all.”

Mr Johnson acknowledged coronavirus restrictions meant many Christians would again be unable to celebrate their most important festival in the way they would wish.

However, he paid tribute to the way in which they had shown the teachings of Christ and the message of his death and resurrection “permeate through every aspect of daily life”.

“That’s why I’ve lost count of the number of church leaders and congregations that have stepped up to support us all in these very challenging times,” he said.

Boris Johnson acknowledged it had been a ‘very tough’ year

French Open postponement a possibility, says sports minister

French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu said it was possible the French Open could be postoned for the second year amid the Covid-19 crisis.

France entered a third nationwide lockdown on Saturday to contain the coronavirus spread, although professional sports have largely been spared.

The French Open, which last year was postponed by four months and took place in front of limited crowds, is due to start this year on May 23.

“We are in discussion with them (the French Tennis Federation, which organises the event) to see if we should change the date to coincide with a possible resumption of all sports and major events,” Roxana Mărăcineanu told France Info radio late on Saturday.

“Today, although high-level sport has been preserved, we try to limit the risks of clusters, of spreading the virus within professional sports.”

President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that he was expecting to re-open the country in mid-May.

Roland Garros, Paris, France in September 2020

Trial events in Liverpool will not require ‘Covid passports’, says council

Events taking place in Liverpool to trial how venues will operate safely this summer will not require people to show Covid-19 vaccine passports, the council has confirmed.

Boris Johnson is expected to set out plans for a “Covid status certification” scheme to enable the safe return of mass gatherings and indoor events as lockdown restrictions ease in England.

A series of trial events are planned for the coming months as officials look to find a way for venues such as football grounds and nightclubs to reopen without the need for social distancing.

The Government included a number of Liverpool events on an initial list of pilots, and said: “Covid-status certification will also be trialled as part of the pilot programme.”

But a spokesman for Liverpool City Council said on Sunday: “The line which was briefed out yesterday by the Government about Liverpool’s events being included in the vaccine passports trials is incorrect – none of our events in Liverpool will involve them.”

The council said the Events Research Programme (ERP) will be used to provide key scientific data on how events for a range of audiences could be permitted to safely reopen as part of Step 4 of the road map out of lockdown.

The council said: “The pilots will explore how different approaches to social distancing, ventilation and test-on-entry protocols could ease opening and maximise participation, including the use of lateral flow tests – but there will be no use of so-called ‘vaccine passports’.”


The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter service touches on lessons of pandemic

The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged people to choose a “better future for all”, rather than live in a society that only benefits the rich and powerful.

In his Easter Sunday service, Justin Welby said society had a “choice” to make over the coming years as it emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The archbishop said: “In this country, in this world, we have a choice over the next few years.

“We can go on as before Covid, where the most powerful and the richest gain and so many fall behind. We have seen where that left us.

“Or we can go with the flooding life and purpose of the resurrection of Jesus, which changes all things, and choose a better future for all.”

The archbishop’s message also touched heavily on the topic of death, with reference to all those who had died since the start of the pandemic.

He described the past 12 months as “yet another cruel period of history taking from us those we loved, ending lives cruelly and tragically”.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby delivers his sermon during the Easter Day Choral Eucharist service at Canterbury Cathedral

Gareth Fuller


PM’s foreign travel ‘traffic light’ system explained

Boris Johnson is expected to on Monday outline the Government’s approach for easing restrictions on foreign travel when its global travel task force reports on April 12.

The traffic light system will be based on a range of factors – including the proportion of the population that has been vaccinated, rates of infection, emerging new variants and the country’s access to reliable scientific data and genomic sequencing.

Travellers arriving from countries rated “green” will not be required to isolate – although pre-departure and post-arrival tests will still be needed.

For those classed as “amber” or “red”, the restrictions will remain as they are with arrivals required to isolate or enter quarantine.

The letter comes after the same group of airline bosses on February 18 called on the Government to outline a recovery road map for the industry so they could plan for the summer.

At the same time they called for further economic support for UK aviation to stimulate and strengthen any recovery when it comes.


Airlines call on Boris Johnson for green light for take-off within months

Bosses from leading UK airlines are asking the Prime Minister to give them the green light for international travel within weeks, it has been reported.

The chief executives of British Airways, easyJet,, Loganair, Ryanair, Tui and Virgin Atlantic as well as trade body Airlines UK wrote to Boris Johnson as ministers made it clear the ban on foreign travel will be in place until at least May 17.

When it is lifted it will be replaced by a risk-based “traffic light” system with red, amber and green ratings for countries around the world.

Airline chiefs said in their letter, published by The Sun, that they recognised restriction-free universal travel may not be possible by May 17.

“However there can be no economic recovery without aviation, and we are confident we now have the tools to enable a safe and meaningful restart to travel in May – allowing us to return to our job of reuniting friends and family, supporting trade and business and allowing Britons to enjoy a well-earned break again,” the letter stated.

It added: “We believe vaccinated passengers should not be subject to travel restrictions and that testing can also reduce the barriers to travel including for areas that are considered to present some risk. Only very high-risk areas would be subject to more stringent measures.”

Key travel dates

Starmer’s Easter message pays tribute to Christians in the pandemic

Sir Keir Starmer has paid tribute to the Christian community for its work supporting others during the coronavirus pandemic.

In his Easter message, the Labour leader said he was “in awe” of their efforts over the past 12 months.

“The Christian community has always been there for the marginalised and for those that need support and help, but over the last year that has shone through so strong and so visible for everybody to see,” he said.

“Whether that’s work in churches with foodbanks, I’ve seen so many in our churches supplying food to those that need it in our communities.

“Whether it’s vaccine centres in our church or just the pure volunteering and looking out for people within our communities.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done during this pandemic. Thank you for all that support and community spirit.”

He added: “I know Easter is a special time for Christians. It’s a time for hope and renewal. And, as we come out of this pandemic, I think those values will be so important to us as a nation.”


Matt Hancock summoned to High Court to justify opening shops before pubs

Matt Hancock has been ordered to the High Court on Tuesday to justify why he is allowing non-essential shops to open before pubs and restaurants.

The legal action has been brought by nightclubs operator Sacha Lord and former Pizza Express boss Hugh Osmond to try to force the early opening of hospitality venues.

According to High Court documents seen by The Telegraph, the pair are challenging “the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps) (England) Regulations 2021 to the extent that those Regulations provide for non-essential retail businesses to reopen before indoor hospitality businesses”.

The order from Mr Justice Swift says that “the Secretary of State shall by 10am on Tuesday April 6 2021 file and serve his response to the application” from the pair.

Read the full story from Christopher Hope here.


Vaccination not necessary for participation in mass gathering trial events

The University of Liverpool’s Professor Iain Buchan said vaccination against Covid-19 will not be necessary for those participating in trial events as part of the scheme to enable the safe return of mass gatherings and indoor events.

Prof Buchan, who will assist with running the scheme in Liverpool, said he did not “recognise the conversation earlier” with Prof Mills about vaccine passports.

“Vaccination will not be a criterion for admission to events: It will just be a test for particles of live virus in your nose,” he told BBC Breakfast.

He added that only those who have provided their consent would participate in the trial.

“This is a research programme based on good science and good ethical conduct is to seek consent, so consent is required to attend the event,” he said.

The Prime Minister is launching nine “vaccine passport” pilots from mid-April, including three football showpieces at Wembley

Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images


‘A lot of open questions’ about Covid certification scheme

Professor Melinda Mills, director of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science at the University of Oxford, said there are “still a lot of open questions” about the Government’s planned “Covid status certification” scheme.

She told BBC Breakfast: “There’s scientific questions, there’s logistical questions – how will it work – with an app or a paper version? – and there’s real ethical questions as well, too: do I have to pay for the testing if I haven’t been vaccinated or had that opportunity?

“So there are still a lot of open questions.”

The sociologist said there may be concerns in the community about the storing of private information as part of the scheme, while forgeries could become an issue if paper documents are used.

“Once you have forgery you will lose your legitimacy, so it will be really important to understand technically how this will work,” Prof Mills said. “The only way to build trust in these systems is through transparency.”


Bollywood star tests positive as India virus surge worsens

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar said on Sunday he has tested positive for Covid-19, becoming the latest Indian celebrity to contract the virus as the vast nation battles a new wave of cases.

India reported 93,249 new daily infections on Sunday, according to health ministry data, the highest increase since September, taking the total known cases to almost 12.5 million.

“I wish to inform everyone that, earlier this morning, I have tested positive for Covid-19,” the 53-year-old actor tweeted.

Kumar said last year that he drinks cow urine daily to stay healthy – a practice some Hindus believe has medical benefits, including against the coronavirus.


Countries unlikely to face sanctions if they fail to comply with treaty 

The new pandemic treaty proposed by world leaders is unlikely to give greater powers to the World Health Organisation than the current regulations, say insiders.

Some 24 world leaders, including Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, last week called for a new international pact to ensure future pandemics were better handled.

The move reflects concern that China was too slow in alerting the world to Covid 19 and continues to restrict access to raw data and laboratory information that may be relevant to establishing the virus’s origins.

Read the full story


Third wave in France ‘to peak mid-April’

Paris is going through a third wave of the pandemic which risks putting even more strain on saturated hospitals than the first wave in March and April last year.

Even with a new round of restrictions coming into force this week, Health Minister Olivier Veran predicts that infections in France will peak only in mid-April, while hospital admissions will continue climbing until the end of the month.

Alarming forecasts leaked to the French media from the Paris public hospital authority AP-HP last week showed anywhere from 2,800-4,400 people in intensive care in the Paris region by the end of April even with a strict lockdown. In the first wave, the number peaked at 2,700.

Medical workers tend to a patient affected with Covid-19 at the Amiens Picardie hospital



Vaccine tourists welcome as Serbians say ‘no thanks’ to jabs

While most of the world struggles to secure enough Covid-19 vaccines, Serbia faces a different battle – how to persuade its citizens to get the life-saving shot.

The small Balkan country has so many vaccines available it has even offered jabs to any foreigner who can get themself there, sparking an influx of thousands of “vaccine tourists” from neighbouring countries.

The situation is the result of a diplomatic juggle between East and West that saw Belgrade secure deals for nearly 15 million vaccine doses for its population of seven million.

With around three million doses already in hand – a buffet of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V and Sinopharm – and two million of those already administered, one of Europe’s poorest corners has quickly found itself among the continent’s fastest vaccinators.

However, according to the government, little more than a quarter of those eligible to receive the precious shot applied for one.

People carry Orthodox icons as they take part in a protest against coronavirus vaccination and restrictions in Belgrade



Canada surpasses 1 million cases

Canada on Saturday crossed the threshold of one million coronavirus cases as the country faces a third wave of infections, forcing several provinces to tighten restrictions in recent days.

With 2,000 new cases of Covid-19 announced in British Columbia on Saturday evening, Canada topped one million cases since the start of the pandemic, according to figures reported by Canadian broadcasters. Just over 23,000 people have died.

Canada is grappling with a third wave of cases amid the rapid spread of variants, which are more contagious.

The two most populous provinces, Ontario and Quebec, headed into the Easter weekend tightening public health measures.


US stops AstraZeneca vaccine production at Baltimore plant 

US President Joe Biden’s administration on Saturday stopped a Baltimore manufacturing plant that ruined 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine from making another vaccine developed by AstraZeneca, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

The administration has put Johnson & Johnson in charge of the troubled manufacturing plant, the report said.

The US Health and Human Services’ extraordinary step will render the Emergent BioSolutions facility solely devoted to making the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine, and is meant to avoid future mix-ups, according to the report, which cites two senior federal health officials.

Johnson & Johnson said it was “assuming full responsibility”, confirming the changes, the report added. 


Brazil hopes veterinary facilities can help increase vaccine output

Brazil hopes to use veterinary facilities to increase Covid-19 vaccine output, authorities said on Saturday, as the country accounts for the world’s worst daily death tolls and its vaccination efforts lag.

Brazil already makes or finishes coronavirus vaccines at its two main public health institutes, although those efforts have not been enough to supply Latin America’s largest nation.

Marcelo Queiroga, Brazil’s fourth health minister since the pandemic began, said he hoped to include veterinary facilities that make vaccines for pets.

“This is not just to supply the internal market and increase our capacity but also for Brazil, as a leader in Latin America, can offer its vaccines to other countries,” Mr Queiroga told reporters.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva watches as a nurse prepares a dose of Sinovac’s vaccine 



Today’s top stories

  • Covid passports designed to return life to normal in Britain might not be ready until the autumn, The Telegraph can reveal.
  • Grandparents will be able to scan Covid passport apps before allowing family members into their birthday parties or gatherings under plans drawn up by a company developing a coronavirus passport app for the Government.  
  • Matt Hancock has been ordered to the High Court on Tuesday to justify why he is allowing non-essential shops to open before pubs and restaurants.
  • Worshippers reacted with anger after police “brutally” ordered them out of a Good Friday service and threatened them each with a £200 fine for breaching Covid restrictions.
  • The “man who broke the Bank of England” is among a clutch of hedge fund investors to have increased bets against travel ticketing app Trainline amid forecasts that demand for public transport may not recover to pre-pandemic ­levels.

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