Boris Johnson pledges a further £100m of high-grade military equipment to Ukraine

Ukraine is now one of the most land mined areas in the world, its armed forces have warned, amid accusations that Russia is using a new type of explosive against civilians, reports Joe Barnes.

“Ukraine has become one of the largest of the mined areas in the world,” it said, in a morning update on Friday. 

“Due to the great danger, many cities and towns are very difficult to reach. The authorities are doing everything possible to eliminate the remnants of shells, missiles and clear a large number of mines.”

Ukrainian officials have warned that without large-scale clearance operations, some areas face being cut-off from critical supplies of food, water and medicines.

The warning comes after Ukrainian bomb technicians discovered a new type of explosive device near the eastern city of Kharkiv. 

The so-called POM-3 can pick up approaching footsteps and distinguish between humans and animals, unlike older land mines that simply trigger when disturbed.

When the mine senses a person, it launches an explosive warhead into the air producing a blast that can be lethal to targets up to 50 feet away.

After its discovery, experts claimed Russian soldiers would deploy more of the explosives across Ukraine as they look to cement their positions.