Barcelona vs Manchester City, Women’s Champions League quarter-final: live score and latest updates

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Fulltime: Barcelona 3 – 0 Manchester City

A humbling defeat for City, as Barcelona deliver an absolute masterclass.

Unless City can create some sort of miracle come the second leg – and become the first club in UWCL history to emerge from a 3-0 quarter-final deficit to make it to the last four – it looks like Barcelona might be heading for the semi-finals for the fourth time.


92 minutes: Barcelona 3 – 0 Manchester City

HUGE chance for Stanway, a goal you would expect her to put away in the WSL but it evades her this time. She volleys Hemp’s cross but it is saved by Panos. 

Later, Mewis skies the ball over the goal in another chance where you would at least expect her to hit the target. 

Just sums up City’s afternoon.


GOALLLLL!!! 86 minutes: Barcelona 3 – 0 Manchester City

Just as City were making positive steps, they concede the goal that might just make recovering in the second leg impossible. 

Barcelona substitute and club topscorer Hermoso threads a ball through to Alexia, who opens up her shot as Roebuck tried to narrow her path, but the ball blasts the far post. Hermoso picks up the rebound though, and she fires it into the back of the net. Her 21st goal of the season for Barcelona, and her 14th in her last nine appearances for club and country. 

City need an away goal more than ever now. 


84 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

City had a great 10 minutes or so there, but Barcelona are now managing this lead well, keeping the ball and taking their time.


79 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

Barcelona sub: 

Torrejon off for Crnogorčević  


77 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

Weir shrugs off a challenge from Mariona to go on the run towards the Barcelona area. She passes out to Hemp, who has been brilliant this half for City, and she surges into the danger zone without a Barcelona marker. She tries to shoot across the goal, aiming for that top right corner, but it veers wide. 

City have had good chances, but have not been clinical enough this half. 


72 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

What a chance for Mewis, usually so clinical in front of goal but this time she’s off target. 

Hemp remarkably gets out of trouble, and dribbles her way away from a three-player Barcelona trap to pass to Stanway. The newly-introduced forward works hard down the left wing to muscle into the Barcelona box, before distributing the ball to a waiting Mewis in the centre of the box. With the hard work done, Mewis scuffs the ball, and it trundles wide. That’s a real shame. 


70 mins: Substitutions galore

City subs: 

Lavelle replaces Kelly

Stanway on for White


Hermoso on for Oshoala

Hamrouai on for Bonmati


66 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

City making some headway with some good build up play and consistent possession. Hemp dinks a lovely looping pass to a running Weir but she can’t get up to the header with enough power. Good movement though. 


66 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

City chance here. Weir lunges to feed the ball out to Kelly on the right flank. She quickly offloads a pass into White who stretches to the ball but her shot is saved by Panos easily. 


SUBSTITUTION: 62 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

Graham Hansen is down and looks like she’s having an issue with her ankle or calf. Barcelona don’t want to risk their playmaker, so her afternoon is over.

Good news for City, if not for Barcelona’s bench being steeped in quality. Holland’s Lieke Martens replaces her. 


59 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

City with a chance, as finally Mewis makes a beautiful move, flicking the ball with a back heel towards White in the box. Her shot is saved by Panos though who brushes the ball to safety with her fingertips. But even if it had gone in, White was offside. 


56 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

Kelly places the ball on the spot to take this penalty for City, in what could be a massive away goal at this point. She strikes the ball with power, but it floats too close to the middle and Panos saves it emphatically, guiding it out of play. Barcelona celebrated that almost as much as their two goals – they know how important keeping a clean  sheet at home could be. Massive opportunity missed for City. 


PENALTY!!! 55 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

Leon sticks her leg out as Hemp glides into the area and gives away a penalty. City have an opportunity to get back in this. 


GOAL! 53 minutes: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester City

Mariona converts the penalty for Barcelona beating Roebuck by going right, even though the goalkeeper guessed correctly.


PENALTY!!! 52 minutes: Barcelona 1 – 0 Manchester City

This is awful news for City as Stokes concedes a penalty.

Stokes recovers well to get the ball away from Graham Hansen, who was driving into the box on the break, but then when the loose ball fell to Oshoala Stokes swung at her, kicking in a panic. She earns a yellow card and concedes a penalty. So much for experience.


48 minutes: Barcelona 1 – 0 Manchester City

This has been a quieter start from Barcelona.

But Leon’s deflected cross does find Graham Hansen on the right in space. Luckily, she tries to pass back to a team-mate instead of going for goal herself. Feel like she should have taken the shot there. 



Demi Stokes replaces Esme Morgan. Stokes – who returned from injury last week – offers some experience in that left back position to cope with Graham Hansen. 


City needed the break to regroup

No one seemed to be problem solving that half – they were just surviving, and thanks to Roebuck’s heroics.

Going forward, each and every one of their attacking chances came from when they broke away in transition or played a long ball at least over the halfway line. They need to stretch out this Barcelona press, and expose the gaps – they’ve proven they are there in those fleeting moments where White and Hemp have combined up front with relative ease. 

Containing Graham Hansen going the other way is a different story though. The Norway international has outclassed both Greenwood and Morgan and looks threatening everytime the ball is at her feet. 

Quick one I missed in that first half – Weir was booked in the 15th minute.

Back with the second half in a few moments.


HALFTIME: Barcelona 1 – 0 Manchester City

City were outplayed by Barcelona, and actually I’d say they should be very relieved they aren’t looking at more of a deficit going into the break. 


43 minutes: Barcelona 1 – 0 Manchester City

Morgan whips a free kick into the box, and Mewis is barely – but definitely – offside when she breaks away from the line to score from close range. The goal won’t count but that will give City some confidence, to see the ball in the back of Barcelona’s net. 


GOOOOALL!!!! 35 minutes: Barcelona 1 – 0 Manchester City

Barcelona finally get the lead they richly deserve after 30 minutes of overwhelming City.

And it is Oshoala with the goal. Greenwood gives away a free kick, and Barcelona’s low effort into the edge of the City area sees a few players crowd the ball. Mariona gets full control of it though and she taps it to Oshoala, who is lurking a couple of metres away just outside the box. She blasts her shot right into the far corner, and Roebuck can only watch this time. It’s a brilliant finish.


34 minutes: Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester City

Graham Hansen drives into the area again, and flicks it to Oshoala, and they earn a corner. 

But they don’t do much with it and City break away. Hemp runs with the ball through the middle and passes out wide on the right to White. But her effort goes wide. 


32 minutes: Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester City

Alexia should have scored – against Barcelona should have had a goal. 

A perfect high cross delivery finds Alexia in the box but her header is not strong enough. Roebuck saves, this time easily. 


28 minutes: Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester City

City give the ball away in their own half again, and this time Alexia dribbles into space and hits a low shot at Roebuck, who again keeps the ball out of the net. 

The corner is taken next by Guijarro, out to Torrejon on the edge of the area, and she volleys it cleanly, but it veers off target. 

This pressure is not letting up from Barcelona, and City are getting caught out time and again trying to play the ball out from the back. 


 25 minutes: Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester City

City finally get a decent chance. 

Mewis makes a run down the right flank, and crosses into Weir in the box, but her shot is soft in the end and is saved easily by Panos. 

A cross into Kelly comes at her too fast though, and though she stumbles to meet the ball her close range header goes over the bar. 

This is positive and will give them a boost after some very tricky moments. 


21 minutes: Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester City

Roebuck with another amazing save, she is keeping her team in this match right now. 

Graham Hansen goes deep into the box again and feeds it back to Bonmati in the centre, who blasts a shot at Roebuck at close range. Miraculously, she saves it. But this is relentless and Graham Hansen is absolutely pulling apart City’s defence on that left side – Morgan and Greenwood can’t cope at the moment. 


17 minutes: Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester City

Big chance for Barcelona. 

Lucy Bronze gives the ball away under pressure, and Oshoala picks up the loose ball. She is through in the area and gets a free shot at goal as the City defence struggles to recover, and Roebuck makes a fine save to keep the scoreline level. 

But Barcelona aren’t done. Graham Hansen then takes her shot and – luckily – it curls slightly wide. Heart in mouth stuff for City. 


14 mins: Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester City

Alexia combines with Graham Hansen, who is in space on the right hand of the box and beats Morgan with a quick change of direction. Luckily her shot is blocked, but that was a dangerous moment for City. 

City very much still chasing Barcelona.


5 mins: Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester City

City kick off and spend the first few minutes struggling to get out of their own half with a high Barcelona press pestering them.

Graham Hansen drives into the City area and is blocked by Greenwood but gets the ball at her feet again and is turning Greenwood around, dribbling deep into the box. Her cross doesn’t find any team-mates though. Barcelona very much more in control here in terms of possession. 

NOTE: Very helpfully, we do not currently have a clock up on the screen for BT Sport’s broadcast, so this minute-by-minute account of the match is getting off to a great start…


Players are out on the field..

Kick off coming next from sunny Monza, at the Brianteo Stadium.


Scoring threats

Both these teams have been scoring for fun of late. 

Barcelona has scored 99 goals in the Spanish top division this season over 20 matches – an incredible statistic.  Asisat Oshoala, who has scored in Barcelona’s last three matches, and Alexia Putellas  is a big threat – as is Jenni Hermoso, who is ready in the wings and on the bench in Monza. 

But City are in their form of the season, currently on a 10-game winning streak. The combination of Chloe Kelly, Ellen White and Lauren Hemp up front has been a winning formula, along with Sam Mewis and Caroline Weir who are constant threats in front of goal. 

Can they bring that form when it matters most today? 


City’s defensive test

With Houghton absent, Alex Greenwood and Abby Dahlkemper will be trying to keep things together in City’s box. World Cup winner Dahlkemper has shone since moving from Manchester in January, and has only seen one goal conceded while on the pitch in a City shirt. 

Our women’s football correspondent Tom Garry interviewed the American this week – check it out here. 



Here is your Barcelona starting XI and subs: 

Barcelona (4-3-3): Panos; Torrejon, Pereira, Mapi Leon, Ouahabi; Bonmati, Guijarro, Putellas; Graham Hansen, Oshoala, Mariona

Subs: Font, Munoz, Serrano, Losada, Hermoso, Hamraoui, Crnogorcevic, Martens, Jana Fernandez.

And your City team: 

Manchester City (4-3-3): Roebuck; Bronze, Dahlkemper, Greenwood, Morgan; Walsh, Mewis, Weir; Kelly, White, Hemp.

Subs: Taieb, Keating, Mannion, Stokes, Coombs, Stanway, Beckie, Park, Lavelle, Davies.



…and welcome to the first of four Champions League quarter-finals today – Barcelona v Manchester City. 

Like many people, you may have been wondering why on earth kick-off for a game of such magnitude is at 11:30am in the middle of your Wednesday working day. (I for one am also baffled.) BUT, Telegraph Sport is here to guide you through the action with play-by-play updates and analysis so you don’t miss a thing while Hangout/Teams calls at work keep you busy. 

This is billed as potentially the match of the round (but Lyon v PSG is looking pretty appealing later today too), and expect Barcelona to really test this City side. There’s a video doing the rounds of a few City players’ reaction to finding out Barcelona scored 95 goals in their first 19 league games this season: Keira Walsh is open mouthed and positively horrified by the news. This Barca side are free-flowing and all about the goals. Of course, City will likely pose a greater threat than any of their domestic opponents – especially with usual rivals Atletico Madrid struggling this season – but Spanish side’s clinical finishing should be something City are wary of. 

And they will be trying to keep out goal-scoring threats without captain Steph Houghton, who is unavailable due to an achilles injury. It’s a big blow for City, as Houghton is their anchor in defence and a near-constant voice in that backline. Instead, it looks like Abby Dahlkemper and Alex Greenwood will team up as centre backs, with Lucy Bronze and youngster Esme Morgan making only her fourth Champions League appearance on either side of them. 

For Barcelona, midfielder Jenni Hermoso is back on the bench after a two-game absence in their league fixtures – that’s not bad back up to have in their locker. 

This should be tasty – keep up with it all here on the blog. Team news coming next!